Green Hotel

One Hotel Central Park is as close as you’ll get to glamping in Central Park. This 229-room eco hotel in Midtown, Manhattan, really is green, green, green.  24,000 plants dangle from the ceilings, climb up the walls and even surprise guests in the showers.  Bed heads are made from salvaged wood (from water towers and barns). The plush Keetsa mattresses are hemp-filled and the sheets are 100% organic cotton. The tap water is triple filtered and tastier than any bottled water.  Even the coat hangers are recycled love notes.

Design firm AvroKo’s interiors are simple and sensuous  (many of the rooms have a window  perch with a view over the treetops of Central Park).  Every element in the hotel is designed to be 21st Century green (rather then 20th century granola). The room service and the restaurant Jams are helmed by top chef Jonathan Waxman, who introduced New Yorkers to the idea of farm-to-table eating back in the 80s.

And don’t forget you can park your bike or electric car for free in the hotel carpark, or  take the hotel’s Tesla electric car for a 15 minute spin.

One Hotel Central Park, 1414 Avenue of the Americas (@ West 58th St)

212 703 2001




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